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Calling All Dreamers! This 20-Word Script Can Alter Your Reality and Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True - 100X Faster!

What is Genie Script?

The Genie Script is a 30-day program that teaches people how to meditate properly so that they may think about where they are in life and the direction, they want to travel to assist them to become more aware of all the options.It is offered in the form of videos and eBooks to assist in preparing your mind for the forthcoming beneficial changes.

The Genie Script program can dramatically transform your life. According to Genie Script, millionaires and billionaires use it to help them achieve the success and money they currently enjoy.

The program includes so much information on life-improving techniques that it can help enhance your general health and well-being.

There is a sense of community within The Genie Script where people can connect with others who are traveling the same path. The Genie Script program's tactics, instructions, and techniques are simple for anyone to understand and apply.

How Does The Genie Script Program Work?

Everyone has a dream or a goal in life that they may like to pursue. The Genie Script program is a unique solution that enables women to achieve these goals.

Ever heard of Chakra? The Chakra is a form of energy that everyone possesses. However, it is not possible to activate the chakra.

The Genie Script program guides you to activate your chakra and use the power of this chakra to achieve the things that you want in life.

The Genie Script program is a combination of chakra and modern science that together guide you to the path of success. Estrogen is the female hormone that is necessary for performing several functions in your body.

However, according to several studies, the levels of this hormone are not adequate or high enough in most women.

Thus, by using the methods provided in the Genie Script program you can get the levels of this hormone back to normal and help you attract wealth using different methods. The program consists of 20 words that you have to repeat daily.

These words create a different form of vibration that instantly boosts estrogen levels and activates your chakra.

The techniques mentioned in the program also activate the orbitofrontal cortex in your brain which is the key to attracting wealth and excelling in life.

The program works well and is easy to follow, as it comes with detailed instructions and steps laid out quite well.

The ancient science of Chakra combined with the modern science that the Genie Script program uses, is all you need to attract abundance, wealth, and happiness in your lives.

What's Inside the Genie Script Program?

The Genie Script has four materials to help you journey to success and self-improvement.

The Genie Script 20 Word Manifestation Script- the script contains 20 words that you need to recite in the proper order to become a new person in body, soul, and mind. The words remove all the limiting beliefs and negativity from your mind. The script allows you to unlock 100% of your millionaire mind.

The Subconscious Mind Rapid Rewrite Training Module- the training helps you understand how your subconscious rules your life. It will help you learn how to switch on your subconscious mind and get up to 95% of your brain power. Wesley Virgin insists that you focus on the training module to get the most out of it.

The Brainwave Mastery Training Module- the training has unique brain waves that give you a burst of energy, make you feel positive, and help you find the right solutions to attract whatever you desire. Brain Mastery is for you whenever you feel stressed, frustrated, irritated, or losing focus.

Wealth Visual Hacks- Wesley shares a secret breathing technique to help you achieve your goals faster. You can visualize whatever you desire, whether a car, house, partner, or more.


The Genie Script comes with the following free “I want This Now” bonuses:

I Want This Now Bonus 1: Magical Scripting Journal Kit- you will find working manifesting scripts that millionaires use to manifest and get results every week or even daily.

I Want This Now Bonus 2: 17 Oil Pheromone Lovers Kit- the kit reveals special oils you can apply on specific areas of your body to attract the man or woman you desire within 3 feet of you.

I Want This Now Bonus 3: Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit- you can cleanse negative energy and poverty in your home and attract whatever you desire ten times faster.

I Want This Now Bonus 4: The Abundance Checks Kit- the kit gives you unique checks to help you attract random checks in your mailbox or bank account.

I Want This Now Bonus 5: The Exotic Vacation Manifesting Kit- the bonus provides special first-class boarding passes that will help you attract exotic first-class vacations worldwide.

I Want This Now Bonus 6: The Subliminal Mind Hack Kit provides soothing sounds that will reprogram your subconscious mind. You will begin to be optimistic about wealth and take the right actions toward success.

I Want This Now Bonus 7: High Vibrational Food List- you will find a list of foods that improve your dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels. You can manifest whatever you want in a good feeling and happy mood.

I Want This Now Bonus 8: Secret Chakra Hacks- you will learn techniques that open your sacred chakras like wine and steamy hot baths. The non-meditative methods stimulate your sexual energy.

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Benefits Of The Genie Script Program

  • The program is easy to use and comes with user-friendly techniques
  • It is legit and safe for use
  • It helps you align with the law of attraction
  • It improves your self-awareness
  • It helps you harness the power of positive frequencies and manifests your desires.
  • It repels any form of negativity from your life
  • The program helps you improve creativity, focus, and attentiveness
  • It helps people recover from addiction
  • It enables you to achieve financial success

Some many Features and Skills Can Be Learned from The Genie Script Wesley Virgin. To begin with, the program enables you to get mental clarity in a step-by-step blueprint. This is an important skill to learn for yourself and your loved ones to overcome any challenge. The new program helps you to eliminate the main contributors of a negative and dangerous mindset that dishearten you and stop you from achieving the life that you genuinely want.

Another benefit of the program is that it helps you in going for productive and lucrative opportunities everywhere you look around you. This is because you will start feeding your mind with the materials for success. Through the program, you are going to learn Wesley's first mental conditioning secrets, which he incorporated to generate his first $1 million in revenue. Aside from that, the meditation product allows you to reason effectively and suitably employ meditations to revive your outlook on life and be happy. Through the supernatural third eye activation, yourself and your spirit will be intact. Besides, it allows you to intensify your manifestation and psychic capabilities and know yourself better. The binaural beat track bonus enables you to engage your mind in its highly potent state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Genie Script?

The Genie Script program is extremely easy to follow. You discover four main modules in the program. The first one consists of 20 words that you must recite at a given time and in the exact sequence for it to be effective.

The next step is to use the next module and tap into the strength of your subconscious and train it to create a positive attitude in life. Likewise, follow each of the modules and do exactly as the instructions say.

Using this program daily can help you build a more positive outlook toward life and help you activate the “can do” attitude. It has been recommended to use the words daily along with the training modules that rewrite your potential.

How soon should I expect results?

Well, every person's different, so the answer isn't the same for everybody, and some have experienced massive results as soon as the first day others have taken weeks to fully activate the script.

I recommend using it every day for a full month before getting too worried about it.

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